The Easter rabbit heard about our recent achievements and plans of going completely to Mainnet by the end of April, 2019, and decided to visit us and help with some spring cleaning in anticipation of that big milestone.

As he is quite a busy rabbit, he did not stay long and in the rush of visiting his next destination, he accidentally dropped some of his Easter eggs. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate them, so we will need your help to find them all and give them back to Mr. Bunny by April 23, 2019, 23:59 GMT +2.

For your effort in helping us, we are offering some small trinkets in return and if we are successful in the collection of all the eggs, we will host a big celebration task at the end!

Your mission? Find the &­#­x­1­F­9­5­­A(s)!

Based on our most recent findings, it seems that the mislocated Easter eggs rolled through some code and got distorted out of their original form into a hexadecimal code - &­#­x­1­F­9­5­­A, making the task even harder!

In addition to changing their form to the &­#­x­1­F­9­5­­A code, it seems that some remained in text, while others merged with some photos and some even slipped through the cracks of our code.

Your main goal? Find the &­#­x­1­F­9­5­­As. Once you managed to find one, simply take a screenshot, and post it along with the location where you found it in the Discord channel #easter-egg-hunt and tag our moderators (@moderators). Once they verify your find, it will be added to the list of found eggs and announce your achievement to other hunters!

Gotta find them all

There are a total of 30 Easter eggs hidden across all of Verity’s social channels, websites, and other places. Of course, some are easier to find than others, but the Easter rabbit has faith that you will eventually get them all!

Bear in mind that you will only be rewarded for up to 3 unique Easter eggs that you find, to give everyone a chance to participate, but more on that below. Make sure to look everywhere Verity has a presence – communication channels, various websites under its domain, we also heard some unusual buzzing from the Hive – might be worth a check! Some eggs were so heavy, they fell through the surface and are, unfortunately, now buried.

List of all discovered Easter eggs so far can be found on our Reddit thread

What’s a hunter without the proper tools?

Treasure hunting without any gear can be extremely difficult, especially in the wild. Making this a trust test of your skills and knowledge!

However, if you do manage to be the first one to find what everyone is searching for, you shall be rewarded. We will take care of you and get you prepared for the next journey that lies ahead of you with Verity branded gear, depending on the success of your hunt:

• 1 Easter egg found = Set of Verity stickers to mark your finds and a special “Treasure-hunter” badge on Discord for you to show off your skills
• 2 Easter eggs found = Notebook and pen to keep a record of your hunts and journeys!
• 3 Easter eggs found = Verity branded cap so you don’t miss something due to the sun getting into your eyes!

It’s all about working together!

The Easter bunny left a total of thirty eggs, but your basket can carry only up to three. It seems that you will have to work together on this one with other Verity community members.

If you and your fellow hunters manage to find all thirty hidden Easter eggs, a special hunter-only task on Verity Hive will be hosted in celebration of your accomplishments!

Oh, did we mention that this task will have a Reward pool of 2 ETH and it is limited to a maximum of 30 participants? Seems pretty exclusive to us! Don’t miss out.

Remember, activities are always more pleasurable when done with friends. But if you will have to leave someone behind in order to get in the task, we will accept the sacrifice.

Hunting rules

1. The campaign begins on April 16, 2019 and will last until April 23, 2019 23:59 GMT +2.
2. When you locate the egg, you must provide all the necessary details in the #easter-egg-hunt channel – what it is, screenshot (with the egg highlighted), short text location description and a URL of the egg, and use the @moderators tag.
3. Each participant is allowed to submit up to 3 Easter eggs. If they submit more than 3, the first 3 will count, while the later submissions will be ignored.
4. Only the first report of each Easter egg counts! Participants that were the first to successfully report it will be granted access to the community goal task.
5. Only submissions in the dedicated Discord channel (#easter-egg-hunt) will be counted.
6. None of the codes listed in this page are considered as Easter eggs.
7. Verity reserves the right to adjust the rules with a general announcement.
8. The code used in the headline of the Weekly Update on Social Media is not considered as an Easter egg!
9. Some dropped Easter eggs on our website and our subreddit generate lookalike double yolkers in the source code. These do not count as unique Easter eggs, the real ones that fell through the surface into the code are still hidden!