Why Earn With Verity? Our Community explains why they enjoy being part of our platform


Over the last 12 months, Verity has run more than 800 events with thousands of different users taking part. We’ve run a variety of event types as we test our platform: sentiment analysis, sports data sourcing, insurance claim verification, fake news detection – and more.

As our community steadily grows, we wanted to see what people liked most about being part of the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and earning online with Verity, so we asked six of them to tell us about their Verity experiences so far.

1. Where did you hear/learn about Verity?

Atr0city: I learned about Verity (then Eventum) from Earn.com, I was instantly interested because of the description “Mechanical Turk for Blockchain”, since I think crowdsourced work is a sector that could really benefit from the borderless payment system that blockchain can provide.

Honestly, I cannot remember where I first saw people talking about Verity (when it was still called Eventum). It was most probably on one of the many Telegram groups concerning cryptocurrency.

Miha: I first heard about Verity at the lectures on cryptocurrencies held by Verity CEO Martin Mikeln at one of the Slovenian faculties back in February 2018. At the end of the lecture, Mr. Mikeln shortly introduced Verity (known as Eventum at that time) and handed out flyers with information about the next event and with links to Verity Alpha (the prototype product) and Verity’s Telegram group. After that, my story with Verity began.

Noahbreezy: I learned about Verity while looking for a whitepaper to translate and earn an extra buck. When reading the whitepaper I got very interested and started doing alpha events. Meanwhile, I forgot about the whitepaper! It will be exactly 1 year I joined Verity somewhere in this month.

Nyanko Samurai: I belonged to the Crypt Currency investment group in Japan until last year, so I joined Verity’s private sales through that group.

Oscar: I do not remember clearly where it was, that is, the exact site, but I discovered Verity (Eventum) on one of those sites where you earn money watching advertising. I guess someone placed it there to attract references during the launch period. I remember seeing it announced a few times before I decided to pay attention and see what it was really about and join.

Co-founder Martin Mikeln being filmed for a TV segment with ‘Dr Enigma’

2. How long have you been earning with Verity?

Atr0city: Since February, 2018

Matteo: I think it has been roughly a year ago. I do remember that the first event I attended was about eSports (the first ever) and it had lasted a lot.

The first events/experiments did not have the linear distribution of the reward and therefore they used to create sort of an adrenaline rush, together with a little frustration because of the “race” between participants, some of them somewhat betting on the results, trying to anticipate them.

Miha: I started taking part in Verity events after the aforementioned lectures, so I have been earning with Verity for 1 year now.

Noahbreezy: I started earning as soon as I joined. I haven’t done a lot of events since then. I have earned most of my VTY by buying on exchanges. I still do events here and there but not a lot. I do want to do more events in 2019 to accumulate more VTY.

Nyanko Samurai: I joined around mid-June last year (2018).

Oscar: According to my email, I joined Verity on May 20, 2018. I have records, and I know that in my first days I missed 2 events and I registered without being able to cast a vote in 2 others before finally, on June 6, I managed to issue my first vote and be part of the consensus. There I got my first profit.

The competition was tough in those days and the speed of my voting was never really strong because the internet service in my country leaves much to be desired, but with experience I have adapted.

At that time I was working outside the city and I had to get up very early to start the trip, and because the events were very few in those days and also always during working hours it was difficult for me to participate, so it could be said that the moment I started to be more active was during the World Cup events.

2018 World Cup football events

3. What do you like the most about being a Verity ‘data provider’?

Atr0city: I like the ease of getting started and knowing how many tokens/ethereum you will earn almost immediately after the event ends.

One of the biggest problems with Mechanical Turk/UHRS is how long it takes to get paid, if you even get paid at all. The smart contract really does a good job of protecting the employer/worker relationship in a trustless relationship…  oh and no country lockouts/censorship!

Matteo: I really like the way the system is organized and also how the team works. Until now, I have had a lot of fun and as Verity grows even further in the cryptocurrency field…well, I will have even more fun. Anyhow, what I like the best is the feel established by the community admins who take care of the relationship between Verity and us.

Miha: The participation in the Alpha events from almost the beginning of the platform allowed me to watch how the events have been changing in terms of use-cases, rewards, number of participants, number of consensus votes etc.

As time went by I wanted not only to take part in the events but also to become an active member of the Verity community. Therefore I have been trying to provide useful feedback, to take part in discussions, to assist new users when the admins were busy and to contribute something more than just being a regular participant.

So besides earnings I was able to meet new people and to develop some of my personal skills.

NoahBreezy: What I like the most about Verity is everything it is capable of doing; all the use cases that it can have. I believe Verity can be a major game changer for the entire world if done right.

Nyanko Samurai: Compared to other projects, the distance between the project team members and the community is very close, and everyone is very kind. And above all, I can experience the new world of crowd knowledge.

Oscar: Well in simple terms it could be said that because money is earned, since it was what attracted me in the first place.

But it is not only that; over time I have been learning more about the project and it has really been a very interesting project, and I think that as a technological and social utility it has much to offer in the future world of cryptography and technology.

It also highlights that since the begining of the world of cryptography, Verity has been one of the few projects I know that has been maintained and has been true to its vision and its objectives, unlike many others that were based on the false promise to obtain large and rapid economic gains -and have since failed.

4. What types of events and tasks are your favorite?

Atr0city: Most of the events so far have been interesting, but I really liked the “Suspicious Activity” task (monitoring a video clip to see if the video from a supposed surveillance company had any suspicious activity or if it was a false-positive).

I also really liked the insurance company analysis event to determine who was at fault in a car crash. I think both of these use cases highlight real use cases for this product and could benefit from the speed of consensus of the Verity platform.

Matteo: I do not have a favorite type of event, all are well received, though sports events really are beautiful. The more challenging the event is, the more I like it.

Miha: My favorite are the ones that 1) address actual real-world needs, 2) require more than just simple data reporting, 3) offer as much objective tasks as possible and 4) justify the usage of Verity as an oracle.

So at the moment, I would pick the original variant of the insurance claim evaluation events as my favorite, even though we have all been struggling with them so far.

However, Verity is still in the Alpha stage (this is something I often forget!), so these events will work like they should in the future.

Noahbreezy: My favourite events are the artificial intelligence and the fact checking ones. I do like the soccer ones too but they take too much time for me.

Nyanko Samurai: I like sports reporting events. Particularly because I was actually watching last year’s football World Cup event, I was able to participate while having fun. I also like the fact checking events which started recently –  I especially like the hotel reviews which are interesting.

Oscar: I do not usually exercise much favoritism since I am somewhat eclectic in my preferences. In terms of profit versus time, I would say that sports events are my favourite. If we are talking about entertainment, I would say that eSports are my favorites. The other categories I think still have a way to go, but it’s interesting to see how far they can go.

We have run a wide variety of event types as we test our product

5. What types of events are your least favorite?

Atr0city: Specifically any event in these stages of development where the event struggles because the consensus mechanisms aren’t modular. I firmly believe that Verity’s strongpoint is offering crowdsource work in a trustless way on blockchain, and the oracle part is a defining feature, but will only be one of an array of tools used.

Right now the courier claim events are probably my least favorite until the consensus mechanisms have more flexibility.

Matteo: I guess my least favorite events are those which do not reach consensus due to ambiguous choices.

Miha: The sports ones are my least favorite at the moment. The reasoning is multifaceted. Firstly, I have been participating in them for quite some time now and I got a bit tired of them.

Secondly, these type of events (in their current form at least) are also not the best use-case for Verity in my opinion (especially since 0xgame development has been paused).

And since these events are in the minority now and various new use-cases have been introduced lately it is easier for me to skip them. However, I still like to place a bet or two on 0xgame, so thanks to all the users participating in sports events.

Noahbreezy: Aside from the AI and fack checking events – I don’t really like any other types – I just don’t enjoy doing them.

Nyanko Samurai: It is the chess event because it takes quite a while and I can not predict when it will end. And since I’m not a native English speaker, I am not good at events using English hearing ability.

Oscar: My least favorite events are those in which we do not reach consensus. Events with too much subjectivity and in which the rules of participation still fail to be clear enough, ultimately displease me, but this is common when events are new, so I do not think I have a least favorite type of event. I certainly try to participate in all that I can.

6. What would you say to people thinking of joining the Verity platform and earning?

Atr0city: As a long time Crowdsource participant and countless times being screwed over by having 0 power,  I can confirm that Verity is different and shows tons of promise.

The smart contract aspect keeps the platform, employee, and employer all on equal playing grounds. From an investor standpoint, Verity offers a working product (that is almost ready for launch with over a year’s worth of testing) with very low market caps.

If you are unsure about an investment into this product, then give the alpha events a shot. I think you will find that the product is stable, the community is engaged, and the future is very bright.

Matteo: I have tried to get people to join Verity many times, but I think the ways through which you can participate are not easy enough to understand for people that are not familiar with cryptocurrency wallets, transactions and certificates.

I am sure that if the sign up process could be simplified, the number of participants would quickly increase. But for now people that haven’t joined Verity don’t know what they are missing.

Miha: I would like to invite people to give Verity a try. By taking part in the Alpha events one can indirectly contribute something to society and at the same time have fun and earn something. But the most important message I would like to share is – become a responsible participant and don’t let yourself be driven only by the earnings.

By responsible participation, I mean reading the guidelines, asking questions in case of any confusion, double-checking the event instructions and your selected answers before submitting votes. And share your comments/ideas with the Verity team and its community.

Only responsibility will provide useful outcomes, which will attract new companies to start using Verity as well as strengthen the existing partnerships.

So taking the events and their tasks with responsibility will not only bring you the rewards today but will also influence your rewards in the future.

Noahbreezy: To all people interested in joining Verity, don’t hesitate just join us and enjoy!

Nyanko Samurai: By participating in Verity you can encounter new events that you have never experienced before. And the Verity team always welcome new people.

Our community members are convinced that the day will come when we will be proud to have begun participating in Verity. Why not join us?

Oscar: Well, if the majority of people who came to Verity are like me, attracted in the first place by the idea of ​ monetary gains, I would say that they are in the right place.

If we talk about profits, Verity is among many websites that I know of, in terms of use of time / benefit, which gives better results. Other websites can give you great profits but demand much more time.

At first, while you adapt and learn how to use Verity, this does not seem true, since it can be confusing to see ​​how it is that consensus is achieved and therefore benefits are obtained, but once you understand how each event runs, it’s more common to be amongst the consensus – and therefore get paid!

However, Verity goes beyond just economic gains. With Verity we have the opportunity be part of something really significant for the world.  

Imagine for a moment how much pride must be felt by those who collaborated with Satoshi Nakamoto and participated in the early days of the creation of Bitcoin and the technology behind it.  

In that case you needed to be an experienced programmer to be part of team, but this is not the case with Verity. Anyone with basic understanding of the internet can be part of this project, the only thing you need is to give your opinion.

Someday, not too far off I hope, Verity will be resolving disputes or working with many other utilities and applications. Then we will be able to tell our children and grandchildren: I was a collaborator in the foundation and creation of that technology.

Want to earn rewards and be part of a fun, engaged community? Sign up at Verity Alpha and join our discord channel.