Verity x Lada present the blockchain car of the future – Lada 0x


After months of internal meetings, research and development, and testing the prototype, we are finally ready to publicly announce our next great partnership with the well-known Russian car manufacturer, AvtoVAZ and their Lada brand, and introduce the world’s first blockchain car – Lada 0x.

One of the greatest assets which the Lada brand has is its broad availability, simplicity, and that it is manufactured for anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, the current state of the blockchain and projects on it cannot praise themselves with the same features. However, the automotive industry can greatly benefit from blockchain technology and the exciting solutions it provides.

It is our hope that with this partnership with AvtoVAZ and Lada, that we will be able to create the perfect unity of the two by utilizing Lada brand’s reputation, knowledge of the auto industry, manufacturing and improving it by implementing blockchain technology from the manufacturing and supply chain processes to the actual vehicle of the future, the Lada 0x.


The Lada 0x finds inspiration in the evergreen design of the Lada Niva, while under-the-hood it sports specifications that will get any car-enthusiast excited.

This 5-door, All-Wheel Drive (AWD) SUV has 710 hp @6001 RPM powered by its V8 engine. It is a serious performance machine that combines the off-road capabilities of its predecessor, the Lada Niva, with the specifications that easily keep up with Europe’s most performance-oriented SUVs, but for a lot less money.

With its rugged classic look and a spec sheet which will turn everyone’s head, the Lada 0x is a car everyone is bound to love. However, this is not all that it has to offer. Through our partnership with Lada, we were able to add a new layer of features to it, which will make it the first blockchain car set for mass adoption.

A secure and transparent supply chain

In the current state of the automotive industry, counterfeit or faulty parts and bad practices are, unfortunately, a present issue. Which is why we have worked closely with AvtoVAZ as a whole to improve their supply chain and manufacturing processes by making them fully transparent and secure through the implementation of distributed ledgers and other solutions.

The 0x digital car maintenance book

Currently, information about customers and their vehicles is spread across multiple information systems maintained by automakers, insurers, repair shops, and more. This new digital car maintenance book, with its open architecture, gathers all important information in one place accessible by the customer/car owner.

For instance, if an owner wants to sell their vehicle, he/she can make information about the history of the vehicle more transparent by authorizing the potential buyer to access all the data in the digital car maintenance book, creating more trust between the buyer and the seller.

So, we aim to eliminate the problems of asymmetric information by creating a reliable trust protocol by utilizing blockchain ledgers, enabling all customers (no matter if you are the first, second, third, or n-th customer), to save and access all vehicle information in a streamlined, tamper-proof, and secure digital car maintenance book. Any issues, inconsistencies or mistakes will be resolved through the Verity protocol, ensuring a reliable and truthful outcome for the dispute.


The Lada 0x will require a special type of key to unlock – your private key.

Through a specialized dApp, owners of the Lada 0x will unlock and lock their vehicles via the blockchain and their private key. This will not only provide a greater layer of security against theft of car keys, but it will also allow the owner to keep a record of who unlocked/locked the car as well as share their vehicle with a certain person for a limited amount of time, after which, their access would be revoked. And, due to cryptographic encryption, all activities are securely documented in the blockchain.

Ready for insurance claims

Accidents happen whether it is the driver’s or some other external actor’s fault. Unfortunately, not every accident is recorded and analyzed properly, which results in very long and tiresome insurance claim procedures.

The Lada 0x will have cameras (file format: 480fps 4k, in order to capture all information and provide the ability to slow down the video to investigate all aspects) which will store the video files in secure storage on the blockchain and alongside data generated by the 0x digital car maintenance book, if an accident occurs, the vehicle will automatically file a report to the Verity oracle platform through which external data providers utilizing the wisdom of the crowd without any bias (which is the case in the current state of accidents today) will determine who was at fault, what caused the accident and once a consensus is reached, a fully detailed report will be generated and forwarded to the insurance company of choice, greatly speeding up and easing the process of insurance claims.

Full control of fuel economy

Managing fuel consumption can be extremely hard, especially if you are in a rush, and with gas prices growing each day, we believe that you should have complete control over this potentially expensive aspect of your driving experience.

The Lada 0x fuel consumption technology is based on the transaction fee logic of blockchain. It allows the driver to select the preferred amount of fuel consumption for a pre-set route or allow the vehicle itself to set the limits generated through Machine Learning and tracking the driver’s speed, habits, the frequency of refilling, and the current gas prices.

Meaning, that the driver sets how much gas you are willing to spend for a certain destination which influences the limits placed on the vehicle’s performance. Selecting the “low” fuel consumption option will ensure the vehicle will reach the set destination, but at the most optimum speed. A feature extremely useful for when a vehicle is nearly out of fuel and requires a visit to the gas station.

Earn as you go

Your journeys in the new Lada 0x will be supported by Verity’s new onboard companion app which will allow you to set reminders, view task schedules, and even participate in tasks through a 20” 4k touch screen display in the middle-console which also supports voice-commands.

Not only will you be able to participate in Verity tasks as a data provider, but this onboard companion will allow you to create tasks on the platform as a navigation tool – tasks such as “fastest route with current traffic state from point A to point B (with stops at Points C, D, E, and F)”, nearest 5-star hotel, and all other standard navigation actions, but utilizing the wisdom of the crowd, providing even better and realistic results compared to the current AI.

Crypto market enthusiasts will also be able to set reminders, notifications, and market signals for numerous cryptocurrencies and exchanges, allowing them to stay up-to-date with their portfolio.

This companion app will also provide support for running up to 100 Verity nodes which will be used to validate tasks on the Verity platform. The system will be self-sufficient as the vehicle will generate 500 VTY tokens for each kilometer passed, allowing you to truly earn as you go.

In addition to the Verity platform, the companion will also provide an infotainment system for all passengers with all popular apps available as well as choosing the colors of the interior and exterior lights through an RGB color selector.


The new Lada 0x will hit the streets soon at the price of 12,345.00 euros, but preorders are open right now for only 18.539 ETH (shipping costs not included).

The car is available in 6 colors: “Fresh Paint Job White”, “Verity Blue”, “Denim Jeans Blue”, Very Black, “Whatever, Brown Is Fine”, “Cosmonaut Red”

Pre-order by sending an email to: