Verity: The Biggest Blockchain Oracle You Never Heard Of


If you follow the blockchain world you’ve probably heard of other projects working on the ‘oracle problem’ for example: Chainlink, Witnet or Rhombus, or projects using oracles for prediction markets, like Augur or Gnosis.

These projects have been steadily attracting attention over the last 12 months, and for good reason; solving the oracle problem is essential in unlocking the true potential of smart contracts and is a huge part of the blockchain ecosystem.

Whilst these oracle projects have been enjoying the spotlight recently, Verity have been in stealth mode, focusing entirely on building our product from concept, to prototype to mainnet.

Unlike other oracle projects – which connect existing data sources to smart contracts, Verity has taken an entirely different approach to the oracle problem. We’ve built the world’s first decentralized human oracle, that uses the wisdom of the crowd to collect and verify real-world information, and connect it to any smart contract.

This allows information, for which there is no current automated source, to be collected and verified, enabling complex smart contracts to be supplied with hard-to-get data.

Over the last 12 months, we have tested the sh*t out of our platform; insurance claims, fake-news detection, sentiment analysis, sports data collection and many more use cases. Two weeks ago we hit our 1000th test event and we’ve built a community of hundreds of monthly active users who have collectively earned more than $100K for being part of our alpha prototype.

Now, with mainnet launch imminent (April 2019), Verity are moving out of stealth mode. With a team of 18, backing by US VC firm Village Global, and a fully functioning product, Verity becomes part of the solution to the oracle problem.

For some smart contracts – there’s an API. For everything else – there’s Verity.