The Decentralized Oracle

Collect, verify and connect real-world & real-time information to any smart contract

About Verity

Verity is the decentralized oracle for smart contracts. It makes it easy to verify real-world information and connect it to any smart contract. Using the wisdom of the crowd and blockchain-as-a-court-system, Verity is the solution to the oracle problem.


Ethereum + Swarm + decentralized Verity nodes

Fast & Secure

Real–time encrypted data with blockchain as a court system


Using wisdom of crowds instead of trusting a single data source


Free market economy with 0 fees and margins

Use Cases

Use Verity to verify real-world information for your smart contracts. Examples include: sports and eSports data feeds, fake news detection, real-time content moderation, image recognition, insurance claims, sentiment ­analysis, live events data, real-time market research and more.

Sports Data

Report game events from your couch and power fantasy leagues, betting systems and news

Fake News

Use crowd intelligence to filter out fake news and hoaxes

Image Recognition

Provide verified real-time feedback to AI systems

Content Moderation

Use knowledge of the crowd to detect inappropriate content in real-time

Live Events

Get real-time insights from riots, concerts, festivals and tournaments


Live coverage and complex statistics for Dota 2, LOL, CS:GO, PUBG and more

Data Providers

Verity uses real humans to collect and verify data, and enables them to earn rewards for being part of the consensus.


Developers can get verified data from Verity and connect it directly to a smart contract.